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Confusion, not really

March 31, 2011 7 comments

A lot of people are confused by the recent rally: slow or small volume; market manipulation because GS is selling or buying to or from locals, a correction to the recent low is needed for a rally to be successful. All sort of mental masturbations, that we were victims from the start of this rally in 2009, are still with us or within us. As I said before what good is a correction if every blog out there knows the rules of when and how it will correct?

Another thing is the war. No matter what the president says, it is a war when the the planes are attacking military installations or another country. Look at yahoo financials and see in the past, when the US attacked military installations what happened on Wall street… The street likes the spending associated with wars.

Besides the war, the next thing to do is to look at $. The $ is the subject of a lot of commentaries, including Jim Rogers who is betting big that the $ will correct upwards from here. But in the end his bet is against what Beny may or may not do. In the end the big Jim Rogers is as clueless as us on Benny intentions. The question is , is a long $ right here a low risk entry?

Daily $:

The mighty $ looks like it is building a building a base here. It tries to correct but not successful. The sentiment is down, the bull cycle looks like it is ending and the volume is smaller and smaller. Usually smaller volume at the end of the range means something is brewing. So we are waiting for now to see which way the move is going. The volume may show us some clues, but for now, waiting is the game.

Rua 1D:

The stock market is bullish, all indicators are pointing UP and the rally looks healthy. The volume was smaller than weeks before, but come on, not that small. We are close to the high level, 1344 on SPX, so a small correction may happen around here before the bulls attack the mentioned level. Tomorrow is the month start and unemployment numbers so big moves in the morning are expected.

We already know that the PM sector moves somehow in sync with the market, so let’s look at the Gold 2D:

The 2 days chart, show a healthy rally in the PM sector, all indicators are pointing UP and the only things that worry me is the slow oscillator who is not elevated and the small bars volume for the last few days.


On the 1day, PM looks like it wants to end this bull cycle. the sentiment is pointing down (not yet under 50%) and the buy volume is slowly going down. The sell volume stopped rising and is just making us aware of selling existence. Notice this though: the volume accumulation is still high, so even if the selling starts I think we will have time to see it. I think this volume accumulation in the history and oscillator may act as support in the next few days in case the smarts decide that down is the right move.

Let’s look at PM 60 min:

On the 60 min, we can notice the huge selling volume insertion at the end of the day. So we may expect a bear manifestation tomorrow morning. The 60 min was in bull cycle, so we may have a start of a bear cycle tomorrow. One detail though: in the past, these huge sell bars did not always act as the start of sell and of a new bear cycle. The today’s sell volume insertion, though, comes at the end of a bull cycle so it will probably act as the start of a bear cycle on the 60 min. For now the sentiment is pozitive for the bull, the selling volume was O (exception being the last red volume bar) and we still have enough volume accumulated on the history and oscilator to counter trend the big ugly red volume bar, tomorrow.

Oil and energy was UP today, so the market may start to price in a rally.

During the day I look once or twice at the instruments comparison. We had buying in the $ today but timid and without force.

And do not forget, Fool’s Day is tomorrow, good employment numbers may put pressure on gold and may push the $ UP.

I am calculating pivots on multiple timeframes. SLV is sitting on quarterly R2 at 36.11 , on yearly R1 at 35.50 and weekly pivot at 36.34. Why am I saying this? Because if SLV closes under 35.50 we may have a problem and I will bail out; until then no confusion, we are staying in position and waiting for Beny to decide what is best for us and for the world 🙂

Remember, trading is reacting based on rules not guessing or predicting.


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Bought new unit of Sil

March 25, 2011 10 comments

This morning I bought a new unit of SIL at 28.11. Reason: the sell volume went to O on the daily.

I am prepared to add if Sil goes to 27.21 and 26.30.

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Silver margin was changed today

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The Silver margin was changed today. Looks like I can get a new unit tomorrow:

So I got my wish of a retest so I can load. let’s see if I can execute my wish tomorrow….


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Situation Room

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Everything looks bearish, news, market, Portugal, etc. Most of the blogs expect a retest of the lows. And at the same time, even with all the bearish news, every blog expect the bull to continue. So if true then what is the point of revisiting the lows? It is a bull market or it is not? My guess is all depends on the mighty dollar.

Let’s see the charts:

The $:

As you can see the buying was timid, look at the today’s green volume bar. The sentiment is flat. Looks like everybody is tired of seeing the $ falling. But it is what it is. The candle shows indecision, but until the $ can close above 76.96, the decision is already made, $ is falling…


The 2days RUA looks almost ugly. Why almost? Because : no buying volume, but the sentiment is flat, the sell bar volume for the last 2 days was small and the bear cycle is close to a big decision: a new bear cycle or a bull cycle? Let’s see what the RUA 1D says:

We had some buying for the last 4 days. The sentiment is flat, is like the market cannot make up her mind. The buying volume bar today was bigger than the volume Yesterday. The buy volume is almost crossing the selling volume and we may have a chance of a bull cycle.

Given what we saw on the chart for 2 days compared with 1 day, I think the buyers are timid and the sellers are waiting for an occasion to strike. We need more buying volume to declare the correction over.

Let’s see one interesting chart, Semis 1Day:

We can see that for the last few days, the SOX index did not fall and it was bought. we had 2 selling volume bars that did not had a lot of power.

The sentiment is at 54, we had a lot of indecision candles the last 5 days, the buying volume starts to show. My guess is that we are close to the start of a bull cycle in semis.

I may buy one semiconductor company tomorrow if we get closer to a buy/sell cross.

Let’s see the mighty GOLD. Gold 2days:

The Gold at 2 days looks like it will start a new bull cycle. All the signals look good for a bull.Why I said looks like? Because I dont like the size of the buying volume bars. The buying was there all right but it did not passed the selling bar volumes we had during the correction. Maybe tomorrow…

Gold 1 Day:

The gold 1 day looks like a classic bull. All indicators look good for bull, we got even good sized volume bars. WE did not got a breakout in gold Yet. We got one in silver.

I bought  a new unit of Sil today and if Silver retest happens at 36.70 I will buy another one.

In all Mrs Market looks like it needs time. The correction may happen in time, not necessary  in price. The sentiment in all charts I showed here is flat or positive.  Tomorrow Portugal may ask for a bailout and we are full of bad news but the price is not going down much. My guess is that a lot of money managers cannot decide if it is better to lose another 5-8% in a correction that will be eventually be bought or to go in $ and lose more in case the /dx loses the 75 value….

One question that I have in my mind: with the Japan situation we need more stuff to rebuild what was lost? Or we already lost a good size of economic demand that is gone probably for at least a few years.

Sometimes I hate news, is this a joke to them, look at this:

These are turbulent times and it is better to stick with clean signals. Gold was clean today, silver breakout happened. Let’s see if tomorrow the silver bulls can do it again…

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New Unit of Sil – bought

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I bought a new unit of SIL at 27.45.
Silver did breakout.
If silver will come back to the old breakout level (36.74), I will buy another unit of SIL. Gold is close to breakout.
Let’s see how the retracement plays out, if any….
I will post charts AH.

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1 unit of SIL – bought

March 15, 2011 1 comment

During the carnage tonight, I looked at comparisons as Salad showed us (gold, es, $). This morning, the dollar showed that some big hand was selling and another big hand was buying es futures. The Midas at one day for SIL showed that Sil was closed to support. At the same time Sil bounced from Ichimoku daily area support.

I bought a unit of SIL at 24.71.

Charts later.


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Market is not safe – Bloodbath

March 10, 2011 3 comments

Looks like the selling broke one of the key levels: 130 on Spy. The market closed at the lows on big bearish volume. Steffan posted the charts for Rua. Let me show you the precious metals and $

Gold/Silver XAU 2 D:

It looks like a bear cycle started 2 days ago. The selling volume started and in maybe 2 days it may go over the buy volume. The selling bars were big and the sentiment started to go down (it is at 50 now). The hist. just went negative today and we need to wait at least 2 days to have an idea about how long this bear cycle will be. The momentum is close to go negative…


On the 1D, we can see the hist was smaller today, the sentiment closed at O (meaning negative) and the momentum is close to negative. The selling volume was high and surpassed the buying volume. It may happen to have a higher price tomorrow because of that smaller hist, but for now until the selling volume goes down I am not buying back my positions that I sold last week.

Let’s see the $.

As expected, the $ started a bull cycle and it is just at the TL. If it cannot cross the TL upward then maybe that was it for the correction in equities. For now the sentiment is looking upward and the momentum is green as well. The hist just went positive and the MVO just had a positive signal as well.

I think the $ will cross over on the other side for multiple reasons, reasons that are linked to the Spain downgrade and the middle east situation. But it does not matter what I think, this is poison. We need to see what the $ does and react in due time.

Salad started to build back his position, he has way more exp. Me, I want to learn to play safe, so I wait for the signals. It may be that I miss the train, but so be it. I saw this is one of the things a trader needs to learn , to miss the train.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

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